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A potential customer asked us a very specific question:

“If I am using your Autoquill Fineliner pens on smooth Bristol board paper, will the ink smear or streak when I color overtop of them with markers that have alcohol-based ink (i.e., art markers including, but not limited to, Copic, Blick Studio, and Prismacolor Premier)?”

We had tested these in the past, but thought it would be helpful to provide proof. So we set up a little test (described below), and a short video (shown below):



Six (6) circles were drawn with our No. 10 (1.0 mm thickness) Autoquill. Each circle was drawn at a slightly different time, allowing the ink to only dry for a progressively shorter period each time a circle was drawn. Those intervals included:

  • 1 Minute
  • 45 Seconds
  • 30 Seconds
  • 15 Seconds
  • 10 Seconds
  • 5 Seconds

A single stroke of the alcohol-based marker’s broad tip was then applied to each inked circle.


Regardless of the length of drying time, we experienced no smearing on the smooth Bristol board paper.

This short movie was filmed in time-lapse for the sake of not making the viewers wait around for the results. Hope you find it useful!

If anyone else has questions or comments about our fineliner pens, please feel free to email us at info@airshipnotebooks.com, send us a tweet (@airshipnotebook), or find us on Facebook.

If you’re interesting in find out more about our Autoquill Fineliner art pens, visit these links to find out about the 3 different sized packs they come in: 3-pack, a 6-pack, and a 10-pack. Or visit www.amazon.com/shop/airship for link to all of our products.

(EDIT: The person purchased our pens after seeing the video, so she would no longer be considered a “potential customer,” hence the strike-out at the beginning of the post.)