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Title- 4 Great Instagram Artists from Inktober

Inktober 2016 has been pretty awesome. So many artists have been killing it with daily posts of pen-and-ink drawings, sketches and illustrations that have proven to be not only great looking, but also massively entertaining.

We thought we’d mention a few Instagram artists who we’ve been enjoying over the over the past month to not only highlight them for their skill, but also to inspire others to create great artwork AND give people some great content to binge on.

Over the past month, we’ve seen people take on the general Inktober challenge of “drawing every day” in three distinct ways:

  • Follow Jake Parker‘s 2016 Drawing Prompts, creating marvelous single panel scenes of artwork every day. Some people even created daily artwork with a theme, such as drawing various types of dragons acting out that particular day’s prompt. (If you’re curious about what the prompts were, you can check out our post about Inktober here.)
  • Tell Short Stories One Day at a Time. Some artists (including Jake Parker himself) created short stories, where they would post a panel of illustrated storyline every day together with a short caption to add a bit of written narrative. Now you can go through and binge on their artwork and get the full storyline in a matter of minutes instead of having to wait a full month!
  • Just Draw Every Day. Many of the artists we came across chose to just take on the main challenge of Inktober. Draw something in ink. Post it. Repeat the next day. This resulted in tons of great artwork… you know, if you printed it all out and weighed it…

We’ll start off today with some of the artists that followed Jake’s prompts. Then post some the other two “categories” later this week. Hope you enjoy it all!

Dimitris Pantazis (@dimitriskpantazis)

Houdini's Escape by Dimitris Pantazis Dimitris Pantaszis’ Inktober illustrations cover a lot of ground. His lineup has included everything from comic book characters like the Hulk, Spiderman, and Hellboy; to heavy emotional drawings of soldiers in battle, to cartoon characters like Spongebob and Wile E. Coyote. Even a chained Harry Houdini made an appearance, as he plots his Escape (i.e., the prompt word from Inktober Day 18) as shown in the example drawing.

Dimitris’ work is more than just two-dimensional, pen-and-ink drawings. He weaves in emotive details to add a very human quality to the pieces he draws, which are interesting as much as they are entertaining to page through.

You can also find Dimitris’ work on Facebook. He accepts commissions through DM on both Facebook and Instagram.

Katie Marie Newman (@ktdoesart)

Big Whales by Katie Marie Newman

Katie Marie Newman is an Oregan-based illustrator whose drawings are incredibly imaginative and densely detailed. Some depict fanciful beasts inhabiting wondrous lands, while others show people on the verge of bridging the gap between the mundane real world and supernatural realms.

This particular illustration of a pair of enormous flying whales soaring amongst the clouds with a wiley human passenger in tow connects both of Katie’s preferred themes, while also covering the prompt from Inktober Day 21, “Big.”

Go check out Instragram for all of her great Inktober pieces, or head over to Katie’s website for some great color illustrations, or check out her Etsy shop for prints for sale.

Charles Lister (@CharlesLister)

Hot Rock Magma by Charles Lister

Charles Lister is an artist who specializes in character design. This “specialization” is extremely evident in Charles’ Inktober posts, as is his artistic skill. Each day in October, Charles created a monster that either embodied or acted out the Inktober 2016 prompt of the day. The theme for the example illustration? Rock.

Seems about right, does it?

All of Charles’ drawings are massively detailed and well thought out… though, just to warn you, I do not use the term “monsters” lightly. Some are a bit gruesome! But his page is still worth the visit.

If you like his work on Instagram, you can find prints of some of Charles’ other illustrations over at INPRNT.

Rosie of @dotDOLLplushies

Hidden Dragon by dotDOLLplushies

Rosie (Elizabeth Rose Best) makes and sells plush creatures on Etsy.

She also is a wonderful watercolor artist and has used Jake Parker’s prompts with beautifully painted ink drawings of dragons. Some are majestic dragons, some are depictions of terrible dragons, like Smaug from The Hobbit, and others are a bit more whimsical and silly. However, they all have one thing in common:  They are great pieces of art with amazing colors!

The above example shows an older green dragon swimming down a river, “Hidden” from view by acting like a large fallen tree, just as suggested in the Inktober 2016 Day 6 prompt.

Well, that’s it for now. Be sure to check out our Instagram to see some other great pieces of artwork and get inspired to create your own!