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Airship Notebooks

Airship Notebooks seeks to provide creative tools to artists, writers, and other creatively minded individuals to help them be productive and provide a higher level of professionalism.

Our flagship product, the Airship Sketchbook for Mixed Media Art, exemplifies these qualities (which you can read more about on our Amazon product page).

Our mission does stop at offering customers just a great medium for their craft. Airship also hopes to provide tips and tools that people can use to take their art and writings to the next level.

As we build our business, we look forward to developing top-quality products and delivering helpful tips for anyone that seeks to create something amazing.

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Architecture Meets Character Design: A Drawing by Andy Estrada

Airship discusses an architecture pencil sketch by artist Andy Estrada and how he applies his character design skills to evoke emotions in architectural drawing.

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Iterative Sketches by Arthur Rodriguez

This great set of fantasy creature sketches by Arthur Rodriguez (@videogameartist1321) might make you think twice before diving into some murky waters. I love these scary looking sea monsters. Some of these creature concepts remind me a little bit of crocodiles, yet others are more humanoid in shape. All of them have some great textures and [...]

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4 Great Artists to Binge On: Inktober 2016 Highlights

Inktober 2016 has been pretty awesome. So many artists have been killing it with daily posts of pen-and-ink drawings, sketches and illustrations that have proven to be not only great looking, but also massively entertaining. We thought we'd mention a few Instagram artists who we've been enjoying over the over the past month to not [...]

Creativity Gallery; Instagram

Testing Airship’s Autoquill Fineliner Pens

A potential customer asked us a very specific question: "If I am using your Autoquill Fineliner pens on smooth Bristol board paper, will the ink smear or streak when I color overtop of them with markers that have alcohol-based ink (i.e., art markers including, but not limited to, Copic, Blick Studio, and Prismacolor Premier)?" We [...]

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Inktober 2016 with Airship Notebooks

Inktober is a month-long challenge meant to encourage artists and creative-minded to draw something every day. Jake Parker created Inktober in 2009. As he says on his website, it was originally a challenge to himself to improve his inking skills and develop positive drawing habits. That modest personal challenge has since grown into a worldwide [...]


Autoquill Fineliner Art Pens

Below is a video we put together to showcase some of the great features of our new product, the Autoquill Fineliner art pen, come in a 3-pack, a 6-pack, and a 10-pack. Click here to see all of Airship Notebooks' products at our Amazon Store page. Autoquill Fineliners deliver high-quality, fade resistant lines every time. Quick-drying, [...]

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Sean Murray Urbansketching with Airship Sketchbook

Check out this great plein air, pen-and-ink urbansketch by Sean Murray (originally posted on his Instagram, @seanandrewmurray) in his Airship AlphaSketch sketchbook! The building is some cool looking multi-storied structure out in Beverly Hills, California. Pretty awesome piece from this new Airship Artist! Sean did a great job capturing the scroll-work on the four corners near [...]

Airship Artists; Creativity Gallery; Instagram

Surrealistic Narwhal Animal Artwork by Marissa Quinn

Cool piece of pen-and-ink animal artwork by Marissa Quinn (@marissaquinn) of a pair of narwhals fencing (presumably) in front of a beautiful moon and ocean wave abstract background. Marissa’s drawings are a hybrid between on biological illustration (typically anatomically correct, realistically drawn sea mammals) and surrealist art. I like how the poses of each narwhal [...]

Creativity Gallery; Instagram

Epic Giant Flying Turtle Fantasy Illustration by Katie Marie Newman

Marvelously epic sketchbook fantasy illustration by Katie Marie Newman (@ktdoesart) of a flying turtle with a castle on its back! Yes I did. And when I say "epic," I mean it in the literary sense, referring to a type of story where a person must travel far and wide on a harrowing and dangerous quest in [...]

Creativity Gallery; Instagram

Flight of the CONDOR: Airship Sketch by Anthony Bordon

Cool looking pen-and-ink sketch by Anthony Bordon (@zigscorner) of an airship (starship?) that he has classified as an "CONDOR," an Allied Federation Gunship. According to Anthony description: "These gunships are armed to the teeth and can transport shock troops and equipment behind enemy lines with surgical precision." Awesome concept art drawing. I think the mechanisms [...]

Creativity Gallery; Instagram

Venice Canal Urbansketch by Haode Lin

Here's a cool urbansketch illustration by Haode Lin (@ar.ar) of a canal in Venice, Italy, a small marina, and the buildings that over them, drawn with what looks to be a Staedler Pigment Fineliner. I love the composition of this drawing, like how the buildings and the canal all run off into the distance and the [...]

Creativity Gallery; Instagram

Lorenzo Concas’ Illustration of Notre Dame du Sablon

This pen-and-ink architecture illustration by Lorenzo Concas (@lore2984) of the church of Notre Dame du Sablon in Brussels, Belgium is magnificent! The realism is so impressive, what with the "big" details like the overall gothic architectural style of vaulting arches and window design and frames, as well as the little details like crenulations on the [...]

Airship Regram Review; Creativity Gallery; Instagram

Steampunk Airship Illustration by @blckpen

Awesome airship perspective illustrations by an Instagram artist named Clare under the handle, @blckpen. When I first came across this drawing of the front and back view of this impressive-looking flying machine,and saw all the clean lines and intricate details of the ship, and the perspective frame in the background, I thought it was a [...]

Airship Regram Review; Creativity Gallery; Instagram

Manuel Cabello’s Watercolor Painting of “The Little Prince”

Here is a beautiful watercolor illustration by Manuel Cabello (@manucabello) of the Little Prince, and his friends the Rose and the Fox, standing on the Prince's tiny world. I love the expression on the Prince's face as he holds up his sword, and I think the use of watercolors in this painting and Manuel's artistic [...]

Airship Regram Review; Creativity Gallery; Instagram

Rainy Morning Sea Foliage by Marissa Quinn

Rainy Morning Sea Foliage by Marissa Quinn (@marissaquinn on Instagram) "My soul is full of longing for the secret of the sea, and the heart of the great ocean sends a thrilling pulse through me." ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~ Wading through ankle-deep shallows of a clear, blue sea one rainy summer morning, overlooked by a bountiful [...]

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Quench the Storm by Julie Benbasset

Quench the Storm by Julie Benbasset (@tea_for_jbass on Instagram) "Give me the splendid silent sun, with all his beams full-dazzling." -Walt Whitman Looking at this illustration, I can put myself into the shoes of the villager offering up to the Sun in hopes of driving back the ominous, dark and cold storm clouds. As the Sun [...]

Airship Regram Review; Creativity Gallery; Instagram

Airship Discusses Little Teton Tattoo by Amy Dowell

Little Teton Tattoo Design by Amy Dowell (@iamthepaintedlady). This is a really great design that is compact not only in size, but also in detail. I love how something can look simple at first glance, but that you can then lose yourself in the details. The use of sparse diagonal lines to give the hills [...]

Airship Regram Review; Creativity Gallery

5 Tips for Producing Better Drawings

I found this video (scroll down to watch it) and thought it gave some good drawing tips. Instead of just posting it directly to our Facebook and Tumblr, I thought I would write out the main points from the video in the event that you (the reader/watcher) did not have the time to watch a 10+ [...]

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Three Artist Pens for Creativity

Recently we published a table of 13 artist pens with the highest ratings on Amazon. There we provided a brief overview of price, rating, and links to reviews. Today we will take a closer look at three of those top-rated art pens. Each serves a different purpose, but each can be an asset to any [...]

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Got a Creative Block? Here’s a tip for inspiration

Finding your style as an artist can be a struggle. Art students in universities often agonize over how best to express themselves. Many attempt several of different designs, different techniques, all to explore what's out there, and additionally questing for the one style or technique that feels the most right for them. Settling on what [...]

Creative Block; Tips from Airship